Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care service is defined as the continuous care and supervision of disabled adults in a licensed adult day care setting for up to 10 hours per day for a maximum of 5 days. Services include but are not limited to:

– assistance with activities of daily living

– planned group activities

– food services

– client observation

– skilled nursing services as specified in the plan of care,

– transportation

Planned group activities include socialization, recreation and cultural activities that stimulate the individual and help the client maintain optimal functioning. A1 will arrange or provide transportation to the adult day care facility at no cost to the participant.


Consumer Directed Services

To be eligible for Missouri Consumer Directed Services (CDS) program, you must be eligible and active with Missouri Medicaid. You must be at least 18 years of age and have a physical disability. The CDS provides assistance with services in the home, such as meal preparation, cleaning, and personal care.

The consumer will self-direct their own care, including hiring and supervising the personal care attendant, and approving time sheets. The attendant may be a friend or family member, at least 18 years of age, but cannot be a spouse or legal guardian.

The attendant must have a clean background check through the Missouri State Family Care Safety Registry before being employed by a CDS consumer.

In-Home Care Services

To be eligible for Home and Community Based Services, you must be eligible and active with Missouri Medicaid. In-home care allows individuals to remain in the comfort of their own home. We offer the agency model and consumer direct services. The caregiver that performs services in the home is an employee of the agency when the client chooses the agency model. Under the agency model, the client can receive the following services.

– Personal Care: hygiene and bathing, grooming, dietary needs, toileting, basic transferring and medication prompting and reminding

– Advanced Personal Care: ostomy care, transfer with assistive device, prescription medication application, catheter care, application of aseptic dressings, following a bowel program, passive range of motion and transferring with a device. A certified nurse assistant or an advanced personal care aide must perform these tasks.

– Homemaker: cleaning, laundry, changing linens, shopping/errands, taking out trash and essential correspondence.

– Respite: sitting with client; client must be at least 63 years old and qualify for the Aged and Disabled Waiver

For All of Your Home Care and Travel Needs

The transportation sector of our business offers all clients that have active Mo Healthnet coverage a safe and professional ride. Non-emergency medical transportation is offered to clients by scheduling a ride through LogistiCare. LogistiCare will assign the client a trip number. If the client wants A1 Transportation Services to transport, the client must call our office with the trip number, so we can request assignment.

We can transport client under the consumer directed program or private pay sector to run errands.

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